“Sail the Surf,” a three-dimensional paper mache work on canvas, boasts five sailboats in action on a windy day in the Mediterranean Sea as they race to the finish line, navigating through high waves and constant splashing. The sculpted painting depicts sailing boats as they gather speed. The stronger the winds, the more rapidly they slice through the waves.

My inspiration for this piece comes from the sailors’ exceptional ability to harness and master the weather at sea. The sea and the sense of open horizons that it brings also have inspiring elements to them. I often watch sailboats and sailboat races. In Greece, I’ve seen many such races taking place in high winds and rough seas in places like Cape Sounion, the southern tip of Attica.

I try to use materials that are not bought but found like newspapers, which I used to make the boats. I also used printer paper, which I used for the paper pulp. I worked with recycled paper, tissue paper and acrylic paints to create this piece.

Dimensions: 50×40 cm, acrylics, tissue paper, recycled paper, paper pulp