“Ocean Cloud,” sculpted from carton, recycled bottles, and paper pulp and created in the form of a cloud positioned on a double ball base, stands as a symbol of a dream keeper.

Sometimes our dreams don’t always come to fruition. We either forget about or modify them in our minds. At certain points in our lives, we’re given the opportunities to make our dreams come true but abandon them for one reason or another.

Inspired by the cloud technology that forever holds all our digital information, I chose to use a parallel metaphor and create a piece of art that held our imaginative information: our dreams. We sometimes lose focus of our dreams. But storing them away in something celestial like a cloud means they’re never lost because they’re always there. We can revisit those stored dreams, have an opportunity to make them true, or use the powers of imagination to hold onto them. This totem, a message of hope, represents a holder of dreams keeping our visions, thoughts and hopes intact.

As a child, I was a dreamer like most children. Although I didn’t dream of being an artist (I don’t remember many of my dreams), I do recall my love for creating. I enjoyed taking all kinds of materials like leather, wool, paper and glue and creating things from them.

I think that the best dream holders are the ones who pursue their dreams, even if it’s just a part of that dream. Children are perhaps more in touch with their imagination and their dream world…they can be good dream holders. Artists as well, create certain artwork and hold onto that dream until their work resembles their dream. Everyday people who believe their dreams are unique and follow that voice or dream can be one of the best dream holders!

Using the motif of the ocean came to me because of its representation of the open horizon, which made me think of the unlimited possibilities, unlimited possibilities of dreams.

My work has two inscriptions on it. One is:

Dream for the eternity.

The other is from John Lennon’s song, “Imagine:”

“You may say I am a dreamer.

But I am not the only one.”

It’s a song in which imagination opens the mind to other avenues of thought. In John Lennon’s song, it’s about humanity, that we will all be as one, and it is also about dreaming. When you dream, everything can be possible.

“Ocean Cloud,” carton, recycled bottles, and paper pulp. 50cm x25cm 15cm