Luis Acosta: Jewelry of multilayered stitched paper  

Luis originally from Argentina has been living and creating in the Netherlands for more than thirty years. He creates jewelry from paper which he then stitches together in the shapes he wants.

He first draws each piece of the necklaces he makes and then repeats the piece into paper form; each piece of the necklace starts this way and is then replicated into a collar necklace. His process of stitching together a single piece involves six layers of paper. The paper is a mixture of handmade and printed paper which he then combines to form a piece.

The inspiration for each piece can be a letter, waves, it is very diverse. He makes brooches as well in a similar process.

His jewelry has been internationally exhibited and can be found in the permanent collection of the Museum of Arts and Design in New York and the CODA Museum in the Netherlands.