“Little Spot of Color” is a multicolored paper pulp on canvas in acrylics modeled after a vibrant cityscape, an easy escape from the usual glass and steel horizons that modern cities have to offer. The artwork presents viewers with a chromatic and picturesque alternative.

The hand-sculpted buildings are intense in color, some painted with a soft metallic finish reflecting the rays of the sun during the day and equally radiant at night, illuminating the dark skies.

The artwork reflects my yearning to search and seek the light in any kind of climate, literally or metaphorically. Our surroundings influence us: our mood, our health and well-being. When we respect them, we respect ourselves.

Although built in a wall of high-rises, the artwork is charming and pleasing, inviting viewers in for a closer look at the thoughtful and intentional details like the three-dimensional buildings with their varying heights, widths and depths, the offbeat windows and rooftops, the road winding through the makeshift city, and the mélange of color.

Inspired by the combination of architecture and color, I chose the Greek landscape, my home country, for inspiration.

I often think that under the sunlight of the Mediterranean sky, a colourful cityscape would reflect the sunlight. A picture that often comes to mind while thinking of this is the architecture of the Cyclades, the curved buildings, and the small blue shutters that protect the homes.

Creating this piece taught me to work in stages and to value letting time work its way to the art piece.

Each building in the artwork uses recycled paper products and a combination of paper pulp and sculpting tools to reach the smooth finish.
“A Spot of Color”, 2015, recycled paper products, (50x40cm, 20×16 inches)