Ideas for Using Shredded Newspaper

Ideas For Shredding Newspaper


Shredded newspapers is my main sculpturing material for my eco- friendly art. I use shredded newspaper as a base for my paper pulp. I would rather use newspaper than any other paper because it is sustainable and it has a stone-like color to it.

I encourage people from all walks of life to find uses for it instead of sending it to landfills. Having done extensive research online about its different uses, I found the following that may be of interest to my readers.

Shredded newspapers can be used:

  • for covering glass objects. By placing shredded newspaper in a zip lock bag and resting the object on the bag you protect the object from breaking.
  • for sending items through the mail. By placing shredded newspaper in your package, you protect the items from breaking. It also makes the package Eco friendly.
  • to donate the shredded newspaper to an animal shelter. They have many uses for it, among them, bedding for the animals and cat litter boxes.
  • for compost. If you compost the shredded newspaper, you can add newspaper shreds. The worms will recycle it into soil. Please note: only the non-glossy kind.
  • for gardening vegetables like peas and beans. You can water the vegetables over the newspaper shreds where they grow in the trenches. It helps with absorption. It can also be used as mulching to regulate soil temperature and suppress the growth of weeds.