Helyne Jennings: Mini details, mini canvases


As an artist, I believe that art should be shared. Paper is the material I work with and I like to keep learning and discovering new ways to manipulate it. I allow myself to peruse the artwork of others and share it with you.

The paper jewelry of Helyne Jennings from the UK, who creates earrings and brooches, is an artist whose work I find stunning.

Helyne adds texture and embellishes paper from which she then creates jewelry. The surface and imagery of her pieces attracted me most to her artwork. Her attention to detail and the size of her work, which can be as small as 11mm, is like a mini abstract painting. Each piece of jewelry is unique.


Her jewelry has a special effect on me. I appreciate her layered texture and depth on paper and her various techniques. She describes her work as made from laminated paper that has been painted using acrylic paint, gesso primer, and gilding materials. She uses processes such as layering paint, surface texturing, embossing of metallic foils, and scratching paper. She then tops it off with several applications of lacquer.

Helyne has more than 40 years of experience and is an established artist.