Guy Lougashi: Paper Landscapes and Combining Paper Techniques


Guy Lougashi is a paper artist from Israel who maintains a balance between minimalism and complexity. After taking a hiatus from art to teach it, he has recently returned to create large artworks from paper.

Guy is a versatile paper artist whose works range from baskets to paper cutouts and large wall art. He is very well versed in a variety of paper techniques.

Paper woven basket, Guy Lougashi

Paper Moon, Guy Lougashi

One such example is his recent work, Moon. It is composed of many layers of high quality cotton paper, which he passes through a sewing machine. Moon is multi layers of white cotton paper punctured by tiny holes and a rip in its center, creating a tissue-like, layered appearance that seems to allow air to flow through it and offering a visual result of a moon-like texture that ‘breathes.’ His obsessive work with the little holes is very inspiring to me.

Guy divides his time between Germany and Israel, which has an effect on the art he creates. He mentioned once that he frequently moves from home to home, which also contributes to his creations and dictates how the creative process will advance.