Greda Ritzmann: Cut, Folded, Reconstructed

Paper artist Greda Ritzmann cuts, folds and reshapes paper to visually form the image she wants to create. I think the end product is eye-popping and flawless but she says the process is also “labor intensive and intellectually demanding.”

To start, the Swiss-born artist finds the right amount of newspapers and magazines that are suitable for her piece, and then uses different techniques appropriate for that piece. The newspaper articles are mostly depictions of life stories, inspiring her to think about the stories that people read and the importance the stories have in their lives “with questions of the basic meaning of life,” she says.

Although she paper folds, she doesn’t do origami folding in the traditional sense. She describes her work as “papers and cartons [that] are recycled in multiple variations to stimulate the visual senses through the contrasting play of paint, color, cut and dismembered materials to create a new form that expresses the power of pure research into intellectually stimulating visual expression.”

Her work is a reflection of life, which she conveys with the lines of her artwork. “The heights and defeats, happy and sad moments from living together with human beings, the loneliness, the love of nature, and all my thoughts can be seen in my works.”

I like the movement she creates with paper and the space between the paper and air. It invites viewers in for a closer look that leaves me spellbound by her sense of details and perfection.