Bianca Severijns, a Paper Artist

Bianca’s artwork exudes a unique delicacy I don’t see often. She uses paper as her primary medium and patiently shreds it before painting each strip with layers of acrylic. She has created works of art from hanging art to decorative art vessels

Each paper strip she shreds and paints represents a shape and size. It also represents the layers of life: minute by minute, day by day, year by year she says, referring to the symbolism of each paper strip.

I became familiar with her work from an interior design store, Siam Design in Israel. Bianca was born in Holland and moved to Israel in 2007 where she established her art studio “Peace of Paper.” In the future, she hopes to challenge herself with an installation and/or a giant tapestry.

You can see her work at:

Photo credits:  Sigal Kolton