“Ballet Shoes in Nature” is an art piece with paper mache molded around used ballet shoes and painted with acrylics. It represents motion in nature and is inspired by the ever-changing shapes of branches and leaves

.In “Ballet Shoes in Nature,” I combine my love for nature and admiration for dancers, their body movements, agility and ability.

An inspirational hybrid of colors ranging from New England fall foliage to springtime pastels, this piece of artwork signifies the effect that nature has on the ballet shoes by relaying how within each season, these ballet shoes change and become a “dance” with nature.

The “yellow” pair of ballet shoes reminds me of the New England orange, yellow and sometimes pinkish leaves found in nature. For the “green” pair, late spring’s foliage moved me to paint in green, yellow and a pearl color.

Some examples of the “dance” of nature are everyday images such as the movement of the leaves when they fall on the lake; the changing shapes of the leaves on the branches as they absorb the sunlight; and the changing colors of the leaves as they go through their life cycle. The leaves start off with a strong color, eventually graduating either from oranges to yellows or from greens to yellows.

I also wanted to show the parallel effect of nature on man. To me, nature is like oxygen: it’s essential to our survival. Oxygen is the air we breathe and the essential element that helps plants balance carbon dioxide. Just like the air we breathe is different on a mountaintop from in a valley, nature too consistently changes in different environments.

“Ballet Shoes in Nature,” recycled ballet shoes, paper, and papier mache, acrylics.