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Ideas for Using Shredded Newspaper

Ideas For Shredding Newspaper   Shredded newspapers is my main sculpturing material for my eco- friendly art. I use shredded newspaper as a base for my paper pulp. I would rather use newspaper than any other paper because it is sustainable and it has a stone-like color to it. I encourage people from all walks […]

Bianca Severijns, a Paper Artist

Bianca’s artwork exudes a unique delicacy I don’t see often. She uses paper as her primary medium and patiently shreds it before painting each strip with layers of acrylic. She has created works of art from hanging art to decorative art vessels Each paper strip she shreds and paints represents a shape and size. It also […]

Ana Meneses: Stretching the Imagination

  I first discovered Ana Meneses’ work through another fellow artist and was blown away by her artwork. Meneses is an environmental artist from Madrid, Spain who uses materials such as paper, scalpel, Lycra and coffee to shape her pieces into what she calls “biomorphic abstractions.” By connecting paper cut-outs, she forms amazing three-dimensional sculptures. […]

Guy Lougashi: Paper Landscapes and Combining Paper Techniques

  Guy Lougashi is a paper artist from Israel who maintains a balance between minimalism and complexity. After taking a hiatus from art to teach it, he has recently returned to create large artworks from paper. Guy is a versatile paper artist whose works range from baskets to paper cutouts and large wall art. He […]

Greda Ritzmann: Cut, Folded, Reconstructed

Paper artist Greda Ritzmann cuts, folds and reshapes paper to visually form the image she wants to create. I think the end product is eye-popping and flawless but she says the process is also “labor intensive and intellectually demanding.” To start, the Swiss-born artist finds the right amount of newspapers and magazines that are suitable […]

Julie Arkel: Textile, Stitch, and Paper Mache

  I first came upon Julie Arkel’s mixed media artwork in her book about papier mâché and was immediately drawn to her combination of paper and stitching. Arkel creates creatures from recycled paper and textiles, which she stitches and knits to dress them. Papier mâché is the latest addition to her creative world. Arkel, born […]

Luis Acosta: Jewelry of multilayered stitched paper  

Luis originally from Argentina has been living and creating in the Netherlands for more than thirty years. He creates jewelry from paper which he then stitches together in the shapes he wants. He first draws each piece of the necklaces he makes and then repeats the piece into paper form; each piece of the necklace […]

Helyne Jennings: Mini details, mini canvases

  As an artist, I believe that art should be shared. Paper is the material I work with and I like to keep learning and discovering new ways to manipulate it. I allow myself to peruse the artwork of others and share it with you. The paper jewelry of Helyne Jennings from the UK, who […]

Transparent paper shoes by Isabell Buenz

Isabell Buenz and Transparent Paper Shoes   I often search the web or art exhibitions for work by paper artists because I’m driven by curiosity. When I began my recycled shoes series, I came across Isabell Buenz, a paper textile artist from the U.K. I was immediately drawn to her artwork, especially her series on […]

Another Tsarouxi- The Spiral

“Spiral Tsarouxi”   “Spiral Tsarouxi” is a welcomed addition to another work of mine, “A Modern Tsarouxi.” Like its counterpart, “Spiral Tsarouxi” is hand painted with decorative symbols and lines from acrylic paints but with the addition of recycled rice paper to give it a more wrinkled look. I wanted to add texture in order […]