Another Tsarouxi- The Spiral

“Spiral Tsarouxi”


“Spiral Tsarouxi” is a welcomed addition to another work of mine, “A Modern Tsarouxi.” Like its counterpart, “Spiral Tsarouxi” is hand painted with decorative symbols and lines from acrylic paints but with the addition of recycled rice paper to give it a more wrinkled look. I wanted to add texture in order to capture the tangible and visual effects of crumbled paper.


The main symbols of this tsarouxi, modeled after the shoes worn traditionally by the Greek guards, are spiral lines, which symbolize movement and balance and the eye, which symbolizes protection, all recurring themes in my work.

The balance I try to achieve in this piece also appears in the Greek symbol of the spiral. For the ancient Minoans of Knossos, Greece, the spiral was a symbol of infinity, a symbol of constant motion, balance, and awareness.

Initially, I wanted each symbol in a separate square frame, as in a story, but lines seemed more suitable to the overall design. The boundaries created by these lines allow each symbol to stand on its own, independent from one another and each with its own importance. The lines, including the shorter ones with spaces, symbolize the space between these boundaries.

I chose the colors white and blue because they are the colors of the Greek flag and the country’s endless open seas and skies.

The spiral tsarouxi is a continuation of A Modern Tsarouxi and has the addition of being a functional piece too. You can put your keys in its center, left over change, or anything else small enough to fit in there.


“Spiral Tsarouxi,” recycled rice paper, acrylic paints