Ana Meneses: Stretching the Imagination


I first discovered Ana Meneses’ work through another fellow artist and was blown away by her artwork.

Meneses is an environmental artist from Madrid, Spain who uses materials such as paper, scalpel, Lycra and coffee to shape her pieces into what she calls “biomorphic abstractions.” By connecting paper cut-outs, she forms amazing three-dimensional sculptures.

She also makes additional works that include cotton pieces sewed onto Lycra which creates a cell-like formation. Her cotton and Lycra works are inspired by Daniela Bergshneider, a fiber artist.

I like her use of biodegradable materials and her originality. Her work stretches my imagination and creates endless possibilities of what I could do with the materials I use.

Meneses is currently working with paper. In the future, she would like to explore installation and sound art in addition to further evolving her techniques.

She currently lives and works between Spain and Holland.


To see more of her work: