What began with a walk in town one day, ended in a lifelong passion for a new found medium: papier mache. I had been looking for lightweight material to sculpt into bases for my mosaic pieces when I incidentally saw a papier mache studio. I was immediately hooked and ended up taking a workshop the following week.

Being an artist who likes to use her hands, papier mache, smooth and versatile, appealed to my senses. Papier mache has endless possibilities of creation from inception to process to end product.

Although I have been involved in other forms of arts and crafts since 2000, three-dimensional works in papier mache is my kind of art these days. I began with remodeling objects such as sneakers and using plastic bottles as a base for sculptures. Since then, I have ventured into sculptural paintings. I continue to explore the versatility of this material by creating works that are inspired by everyday life, motion, fashion and ecology. Because I divide my time between two exciting cities, Athens, Greece and Tel Aviv, I am exposed to different cultures and have varied sources of inspiration.

I never imagined being an artist. In fact, I studied International Relations and had a career in office management and translating. But art and crafts have always had a way of seeping back into my life.

If you are an aspiring artist, keep at your art despite the challenges. Even though I was a latecomer in the arts and crafts, I found ways to manage time between creating and promoting my work. I also had, and still have to find new ways to reach the right people that appreciate my work. But hanging in there, makes it all worthwhile.